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I am a broadly interested guy from the Netherlands who enjoys: trekking, white water kayaking, snowboarding, reading, taking fancy pictures and travelling in general. Besides having lived all over the Netherlands I have lived in Vancouver, Kristiansand, Milan, Houston, Mumbai and Munich totalling about 6 years. I’m currently adventuring into the world on a bicycle!

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April 2014

Schön und Blau, a Suburb and little Moscow

April 10th, 2014|

So I got to the schönen blauen Donau at Linz. And as a matter of fact, at Linz, the river seems quite clear and with the blue sky also seems quite blue. I cycled […]

March 2014

A Bridge, a Window and a River I Could not Follow

March 30th, 2014|

When I was planning the following part of my journey some time ago with a map and a nice coffee, sitting in a comfortable chair, I envisioned it to be highly idyllic. I was going […]

Hills, Dutch Mountains, Treaties and a Swedish King

March 20th, 2014|

My first post on the road. For those who don’t really like to read stuff but still want an update: there is a short version at the bottom!
Those of you who know me a […]

Cycling till I don’t want to cycle no more

March 9th, 2014|

I’m off! Cycling boldly into the unknown for no apparent reason. If you’re interested in the places I go and people I meet please check out this site which I’ll be updating when I can. Here I […]

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