Musk Oxes at Dovrefjell

Musk oxes at Dovrefjell

You just got into your car that you rented at a Norwegian airport for an amount of money you might as well have rented a helicopter for, or got off the ferry with your own car and are headed for the North cape, up the E6. Now, since there is not much to see at the north cape itself you might as well take your time enjoying the long ride and stretch your legs here and there. So what you do is, you park your car somewhere at the Kongsvold Fjellstue which is in Oppland just past the town of Hjerkinn. Then you start walking up into the Stroplsjødalen towards the Reinheim hut in Dovrefjell. You walk, walk, walk till you see these amazing goats called “musk oxes”. Don’t come too close, they are quite aggressive.

If you walked, walked, walked and arrive at Reinheim without having seen any musk oxes you were just not lucky, but the walk was nice…right?