The White Desert of Egpypt

You read about the old Egyptian civilization, get inspired by pictures of the Nile and Pyramids and Temples and what not. You book your ticket, land in Cairo to be greeted by a stream filled with rubbish and around a thousand tour busses parked in front of the pyramids and a crowd of a million people hugging the sphinx. Ofcourse you want to go into the pyramid, which is nice if you like crawling through a small tunnel with endless hordes of other tourists that are just as surprised as you not to find a nice gold decorated tomb with mummy included at the end.

Ok, I agree, there is more to Egypt than the pyramids at Giza even if you’re only there for the weekend; you only have to give a cab driver a couple of bucks, get him to drive you around all day long, try to explain him in your best Arabic that you want to see the red, pink and purple pyramid at Dashur and you’ll be awe inspired by old egyptian masterpieces in solitude (well, together with some policemen that insist on accompanying you). If you have more than a weekend, you travel south to Abu Simel where you visit the temple in the VERY early morning and subsequently continue to Kom Ombo and Edfu, places we had more or less to ourselves. The best that Egypt has to offer however, is in the desert.

I don’t know how to get there by yourself to be honest, since my trip was aaaall arranged. It takes either driving a four by four in heavy sand yourself which, although not scaring away from a challenge, does not appeal to me, or you get yourself a driver (I’m not saying this is safer). These trips involve great scenery but the best and most beautiful view is at the edge of the white desert which is close to a town called Farafra. If it wasn’t for the sand, heat, lack of water and general issues concerning local policies and customs, you could spend days admiring in awe.