Off-path view in Padjelanta

Marten at Akka

Evening sun at Áhkká

Padjelanta national park is located in Swedish Lapland well above the polar circle. It’s a great place with large lakes, many rivers lots of reindeer and where you can find yourself walking alone for hours or even days. The paths are relatively easy and walking off the paths will reward you with even more silence, great views and lots of reindeer antlers that you can bring home as souvenirs.

Even if you just plan to walk from the Akkastugorna to Kvikkjokk going off the path at least once is exactly what you should do…
If you walk in the above direction you’ll see 2 rapids on the Vuojatädno river just after Kutjaure. At the second rapid there is a small hill which you should walk to (so that’s the part without path). If you look on your map it says its 564 meters high next to the “rengärde”. Once you reach the top of this hill the view on Áhkká mountain on the one side and the Tsågahavrre are just amazing…