Zambezi: Great nights, Great mornings, Great beer!

Mosi beer. Although the “Great Mornings” seemed to lack for most people…

In 2007 I spent 5 weeks in Livingstone, Zambia, at the shores of the Zambezi river, it remains hard to explain how special this place is. There are no Alpes of Rocky Mountain vistas, but the landscape is open, wide and wild. Everyday there was high probability to meet an elephant on the road and baboons were no longer noteworthy after 2 days. The economy is low, which you know in advance but becomes reality once you are visiting a village in which most huts are made of wood, straw, mud or cow dung and the kids are extremely happy when they get empty water bottles to play with. In the end we eased our conscience by no longer haggle too much on souvenirs, handing out cloths and making the local youth happy with a football and a LOT of empty water bottles. Lesson learned to bring more cloths next time, they can really use it.

But I wasn’t there for culture or even nature really, I was there to paddle the mighty Zambezi. For competent white water kayakers the river is a must do in their paddling career, and for tourists there is the possibility to raft down the rapids (expect a lot of exhausting swimming). Also visiting “Mosi o Tunya” (the Victoria Falls) is a must. I won’t bore you with all the kayak details; for those interested there is an endless but great story written about part of this trip by Adrian, a South African friend of mine who joined me and my paddling buddy for a week.

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