Marten at Akka

Who Am I?

I am a broadly interested guy from the Netherlands who enjoys: trekking, white water kayaking, snowboarding, reading, taking fancy pictures and travelling in general. Besides having lived all over the Netherlands (which is not so hard given it’s a 1 square kilometer country) I have lived and worked in Vancouver (Canada), Kristiansand (Norway), Milan (Italy), Mumbai (India) and briefly in Houston (Texas) and Munich (Germany) totalling over 6 years and I thoroughly enjoyed this.

I am currently cycling boldly into the unknown for no apparent reason and am not sure when or where this trip is going to end.

Apart from finding write-ups of some of my adventures on this blog there is also a page about photography. If you think my pictures are rather fancy as well you could click here or just contact me if you’d like to use a digital file.