Lofoten & Vesterålen

HenningsvaerThe Lofoten and Vesterålen are two connected island groups off the coast of Nordland in North Norway. Guidebooks will claim that these island are arguably the most beautiful in the world and although I will not make such claims myself I will also not contest them.

Traveling to and around the islands is easy, maybe too easy, since I believe in summertime it is packed with campervans from the usual suspects like Ze Zjermans and the Dutch. I would therefore recommend to visit the islands (and the rest of Norway as well) in early June, when you will basically be the only one creating traffic jams since you just have to make a picture every 100 meter. I flew into the airport of “Evenes” from Oslo. Make sure you are seated on the left site of the plane at a window seat with your camera ready. Even if it is cloudy, the plane at some point in time has to land and will give you supurb views on the coastline called “Ofoten”. From Evenes you can go further by rental car or bus. I was lucky to be able to borrow the car of family of my traveling partner, who live in Sortland the capital of Vesterålen.IMG_3968-4

Now how to best describe this place. The island group is basically a sharp peaked mountainrange, smoothened by kilometers thick ice during the ice age. On the small flat spots where humans were able to built, they built the colorful wooden houses you can find all through Norway. In between the mountains, on the very clear blue/greenish sea, little fishing boats are bobbing around. In winter, there is supposed to be a lot of them, since wintertime is fishingtime at the Lofoten.

For people that like birds, I would recommend taking a boattrip to the Trollfjord that has a bit of fishing included. Usually the staff has some already dead fish in the fridge. Get your camera + zoomlens out and zoom in on the dead fish once it is thrown in the water. This makes for brilliant pictures of the big eagle that comes down to pick up his snack. Of course the Trollfjord itself is nice too.